About this web

One prerequisite for a democratic country is that there is more than one political party to vote for – parties that formulate solutions, listen to the population’s demands and take responsibility for the future. In many countries today this prerequisite does not exist for various reasons. One reason might be that it takes efforts, commitment and patience of many individuals to establish a well functioning and democratic party. In this work we can learn a lot from each other’s experiences and practises.
This is the background to the website “How to run a party”. By creating the site the Social Democratic Party of Sweden and the Olof Palme International Center want to contribute to the work of sister parties and other civil society organizations in their strive for democracy.

On the website you will find a manual for building a strong party, texts and illustrations about the different chapters, comments from different countries and questions to check your knowledge. We hope that you will find useful tools and inspiration in support of your work for a democratic society.

Contact information:
The Swedish Social Democratic Party: international@sap.se
The Olof Palme International Center: info@palmecenter.se